Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Battery Basics

The battery on your can can leave you stranded and spending money on a jump start or tow, so buy a quality battery and do not go cheap. A quality battery will cost between $60-$100. When buying a new battery look at the date code and make sure you buy a new battery and not one that is 6 months old when you get it. If properly maintained a battery will last from 4-8 years. The battery not only starts the car but provides power for lighting, & accessories. For this reason, but a battery with sufficient reserve power and cold cranking amps for the location you live in. If you live up north, cold cranking amps is more critical than if you live in the south. One of the biggest killers of batteries is to run it dead. This is especially true of Maintenance Free batteries. Every time you run your battery down, you are talking life from the battery. A battery that has been completely discharged more than twice is probably on it's death bed. When you replace your battery remember that your radio code and presets will be lost. Make sure you have the code for your radio if it is a Anti-Theft radio. Without this code the radio will not function and in most cases you will need to remove the radio to access the serial # in order to get the code from your dealer. Remove the battery and clean the storage tray and cable connections. If you have to recharge a battery disconnect the positive cable, use a slow charge, and make sure you do not overcharge. I recommend an automatic charger to prevent over charging. Keep you battery clean and this will extend it's life. 

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